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Started as Family Business, It has been 3 decades in Jewelry industry as gems and jewelry manufacturers. As the founder of Gem factory India rose to become Trusted personal jeweler for Royal Families in Jaipur. We focus on Producing highest quality and satisfaction to our clients.

Our experts make sure about every single detail about your jewelry designs in production.Due to flexible MOQ's our clients are much comfortable to work with our team.

Yes, you may visit our office with prior appointment. Our clients may book an appointment before 12-24 hours of visit.

Yes, Gem Heights is parent company of Gem Factory India. Both the companies are Gems and jewelry manufacturing companies and Both are operated by Family Proprietors. 

Yes, We produce and ship every type of Gems and Jewelry Worldwide. 

Looking to start your jewelry business online?

It is super easy with Gem Factory India, As we are bespoke jewelry manufacturing company we are able to give jewelry solutions at our best level and our experts advice our clients about how to grow in jewelry industry. 

We will guide you about the most common mistakes people do during early jewelry business.

Jewelry and Metals

First,Let us know about karat. Basically Karat is the unit used to measure the purity of gold. Pure gold is 24kt, or 100% gold. 18kt contains 75% gold (18/24=.75) and 14kt contains 58.5% gold. The reason alloys get added to gold is to make them strong. 24kt is very soft, making it not very ideal for every day wear. 

14kt white gold: 14kt white gold contains 58.5% pure gold and 41.5% alloys. 14kt’s natural color is off white, so it gets rhodium plated to get a bright white color. 14k white gold is a very strong and durable metal and is the most cost effective option for someone who wants white toned jewelry.

14kt rose gold: 14kt rose gold is also referred to as pink gold or red gold. It is rosy in color and can vary from jeweler to jeweler. Some can be more orange and some can be more pink. Rose gold is alloyed with copper to get the rosy color. 14kt rose gold is a great metal for every day wear.

14kt yellow gold: 14kt yellow gold is pale yellow or golden in color. 14kt yellow gold is a great metal for every day wear.

18kt White Gold: 18kt white gold contains 75% gold and 25% alloy. Because 18kt has more gold, it is going to be slightly softer than 14kt. It will also have more of a yellow tint, making you notice when the rhodium coating begins to wear off sooner than you would with 14kt.

18kt Rose Gold: 18kt rose gold has a very rich color. It is not necessarily more pink since it actually has more gold in it, not more copper. It is best described as a brownish red.

18kt Yellow Gold: 18kt yellow gold is a very beautiful color as it is very rich and more yellow than 14kt yellow gold. We recommend 18kt yellow gold if you are going for a more saturated color for your piece.

925 Silver/Sterling Silver: Sterling silver is a very common metal in Jewelry manufacturing.  You can take care of your silver jewelry by keeping your silver jewelry dry, not showering or swimming in it or letting any chemicals (hair spray, sunscreen, etc.) come in contact with it. 
Brass: It is used in Fashion jewelry and easy daily wear jewelry. It is polished and coated with high quality Gold polish to give shiny look.

Basically, Gold polish on your jewelry refers to to Polish on your jewelry which may have any type of metal as base. Solid Gold jewelry refers to jewelry which has base metal as Gold. 

Avoid your jewelry contacting with harsh chemicals, water sprays, perfumes etc for protecting shiny polish. We prefer our clients to get E coat their jewelry for durability of jewelry polish.

Rhodium plating is necessary to achieve a bright white finish on white gold. White gold’s true color is off white. Since gold comes out of the ground yellow, we add white alloys to it to create white gold. 

Custom Manufacturing Related

  • While starting, We would like to know about your idea or design which is going to be produced.
  • Then designing of the jewellery will proceed. It depends on our clients which type they choose: Handmade jewellery production or Cast based production.
  • With the client’s confirmation, the next step will be to proceed after showing the suitable dimensions of computer aided design of jewelry designs.
  • The quotation will be provided with all details and reasonable MOQ.
    Samples will be made before bulk production for the product.
  • Confirmation will be taken from the client to proceed with the order.
  • The production will be completed within the given period.
    At last, the product will be dispatched to ship to the client’s respective address.

You should definitely get in touch with our Jewelry manufacturing unit ''Gem Factory India''

We are perfect to start with if you are looking for best and trustable  gems and jewelry manufacturers. We are bespoke jewelry manufacturing company for Gold jewelry, Silver Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry.


Yes, We create  handmade jewelry for our clients and designers. We have such high level craftsmen who are capable of create handmade jewelry with just  hand drawn designs also.

Yes,Gem Factory India is the largest wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer & supplier of the latest and trendy collections of online jewellery. We provide the best quality for the most affordable prices, we offer B2B WholesaleGold, Silver and Fashion Imitation Jewellery supply to Jewellery brands.

Wondering, Where to find best jewelry supplier for my jewelry online store?

Yes, Gem Factory India is best choice to connect with for your bespoke jewelry manufacturing. we have been already working with world leading jewelers, royal families and Luxury brands.

Even we generate opportunity for online selling jewelry brand stores on Instagram, Etsy Sellers , Ebay , amazon sellers, Walmart jewelry and other sellers to get their jewelry manufactured at affordable Prices for Reasonable order quantity. 

Authenticity about jewelry

Yes, we provide option for BIS hallmark jewelry and testing. As we assure the purity and authenticity of your jewelry manufactured by our expert team.

Yes, We are registered Gems and jewelry manufacturing company. We are also registered in MSME under government with every required certifications. 


For any other queries you may connect us. We would appreciate your questions.