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Gem Factory India is a leading jewelry manufacturers of custom jewelry in the USA, UK, Asia, UAE, Japan and Europe. We specialize in precious gemstones, Semi Precious Gemstones, Gold Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry. Get Customized fashionable Jewellery online for men, women & girls from World’s Top Jewellery Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers, Wholesale, and Exporters.

Finding Best Gold jewelry manufacturers? Gem Factory India stands with you as your Gold Jeweler and Gold Jewelry supplier for your Worldwide recognized Brand.We are Business to business jewelry manufacturers across World. If you have Jewelry Design in your mind and want to get it to be made. Team Gem Factory India is the perfect jewelry manufacturing company to start with. All you need to do is – Share your jewelry designs or ideas with our team and get your custom jewelry pieces with you.Our Designer team constantly keeps a check for designs and guides for best-suited changes if needed to our clients.

Wholesale Gold Jewelry Manufacturers

From design to production and repairs to custom work, our team of experts is equipped with the latest fine jewelry technologies.We believe in equal accessibility for World jewelry brands, Gem Factory India and Our team is on mission to serve Globally and create an powerful and inspirational identity in jewelry manufacturing and Gemstone manufacturing and give  highest quality jewelry production to World Brands.

We are proud jewelry manufacturers for world and serving all over world.  We manufacture Custom Gold jewellery in all purities of 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K, 9K , 925 Silver Jewelry. Starting from all sizes of Anklet,Basic Chains, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Pendants, Rings, Clasps, other Findings to every luxury Piece which needs Gold. Though Handmade jewelry is always unique choice for our clients around World, We do create handmade Jewelry in Gold. Our experts Make sure about every measurement and Provide highest quality production.We have been already working with many brands as handcraft jewelry manufacturers as well as cast jewellery manufacturers.

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Top B2B Gold Jewelry manufacturers and Suppliers

Gem Factory India is one of the World’s Largest Wholesale  Gold Jewelry Manufacturers, one of the leading manufacturers, wholesalers, and importers of Gold jewelry and accessories based in Jaipur. We are at the forefront when it comes to Gold jewelry development. We have got Multifarious Premium Clients across the world and have countless happy customers from all around. we are Gold Jewelry manufacturers for wholesalers/ Retailers/ Re-sellers across nations and offering them products at Factory prices with Premium product quality.

Handmade Gold Jewelry manufacturing company

Most elegant way to produce unique Jewelry pieces.

Handmade jewelry is always unique choice for our clients around World, as handmade jewelry is one of the unique way to express designers ideal designs on peace of paper. Our experts are well experienced craftsmen that the team is able to produce handmade pieces with drawing provided by designers and clients. We do create handmade Jewelry. Our experts Make sure about every measurement and Provide highest quality production.We have already working with many brands as handcraft jewelry manufacturers as well as cast jewelry manufacturers.

Designers and jewelry stores have the option to cast their own gold jewelry, but the process is time-consuming and complicated. Using a gold casting company, like Gem Factory India, allows jewelry designers and jewelry stores to create unique pieces of jewelry without having to learn the complex and tedious casting process.

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What Gold Metals Do We Work With When Offering Gold Casting Jewelry Services?

Team Gem Factory India gold experts at Casting House are always working to offer clients the ability to work with the newest, most popular metals. Our selection of gold metals constantly changes to meet our clients’ needs.

There are three main types of gold that typically are used in jewelry manufacturing:

  • White Gold — This is yellow gold that is generally mixed with nickel and then plated with rhodium: A silvery white metal that gives white gold its shine and luster. The plating process involves dipping the jewelry into a solution containing rhodium, then running an electric current through it to bond the rhodium particles to the surface. This plating process needs to be redone periodically because the rhodium will wear off over time. White gold can also be made by mixing gold with palladium for people who are allergic to nickel.
  • Yellow Gold — Yellow gold is typically alloyed with copper, silver or zinc, with the gold taking on a more reddish or greenish hue depending on the metal of which it is mixed.
  • Rose Gold — The pinkish color of rose gold is the result of yellow gold being alloyed with different levels of copper and silver.
  • The following chart explains how much gold is present in the different karats:

    • 24K = 99.9 percent gold
    • 22K = 91.6 percent gold
    • 18K = 75 percent gold
    • 14K = 58.5 percent gold
    • 10K = 41.7 percent gold

Why choose Gem Factory India for custom Gold jewelry manufacturing?

Leading fine jewelry manufacturing company to work with.

As the best Gold jewelry manufacturer, we always pay attention to the quality of the jewelry. So if you are looking for the best wholesale jewelry manufacturer in the world then choose us as we offer: –

1) Highest Quality:

We provide the best quality 925 wholesale silver jewelry. Our Gold jewelry looks great with customized piece diamond sets.

2) Best & Wide Selection:

We have a wide range of our jewelry collections. We update our jewelry collection each week. Our designs are best-selling, high-quality, trendy and made with Finest gold metals.

3) Bis Hallmarked  Gold jewelry:

We make sure to provide finest purity jewelry ordered by our clients.

4) Cadmium and nickle Free jewelry:

All our jewelry is nickel and Cadmium free and not harmful to any skin tone.

5) Secure payment with PayPal

Our payment method is secured with PayPal. You can use PayPal for payment or direct bank transfer as per your suit.

8) Engraving services for your brand logos

We provide facilities of engraving logos and branding engraving for your brands. 

9) Tracked Shipping

We provide shipping tracking for every order to prevent any trouble.

10) Bulk Orders

Our minimum order quantity is one. You can also order in bulk. If you order in bulk you can get amazing discounts.

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As World’s leading brands are backed up by the best Jewelry manufacturing unit. 

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