Natural Gemstones v/s and Lab Created Gemstones: What is the Difference

Natural Gemstones v/s and Lab Created Gemstones: What is the Difference


Step into a realm of timeless beauty and unparalleled elegance as we delve deeper into the enchanting world of Loose Gemstones for Sale. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a novice enthusiast, the quest for the perfect gemstone is a journey filled with wonder and discovery. In this guide, we’ll navigate the nuances of natural and Lab-Created Loose Gemstones, empowering you to make an informed and inspired choice that resonates with your unique style and values.

In today’s world, the choice between natural and lab-created gemstones has become increasingly prevalent. While they may seem similar at first glance, there are crucial distinctions between the two that merit exploration.



Gemstones found in nature, often referred to as natural gemstones, originate from the Earth’s geological processes. These gems form deep within the Earth’s crust over millions of years, undergoing various geological activities such as heat, pressure, and chemical reactions. As a result, they possess unique characteristics, colors, and inclusions that are distinct to each gemstone type and location of formation. Natural gemstones are treasured for their rarity, authenticity, and the natural beauty they exhibit, making them highly sought after for jewelry and collector’s items.


Lab-created gemstones, also known as synthetic or cultured gemstones, are produced in controlled laboratory environments rather than being formed naturally in the Earth’s crust. These gems are created using various methods that simulate the natural processes of gemstone formation, such as crystal growth and chemical synthesis.

Lab-created gemstones share the same chemical composition and physical properties as their natural counterparts, but they may lack certain impurities or imperfections found in naturally occurring gemstones. They are often prized for their exceptional clarity, color consistency, and affordability compared to natural gemstones.


  • Origin and Formation:

    • Natural Gemstones: Born deep within the earth’s crust over millions of years, natural gemstones are products of nature’s awe-inspiring forces. From the fiery depths to the cool embrace of the earth, they undergo a journey of transformation that imbues them with unique characteristics and imperfections.
    • Lab-Created Gemstones: In contrast, lab-created gemstones are crafted within the controlled environment of a laboratory. Through innovative techniques that mimic the natural processes of gemstone formation, scientists create these gems with precision and care, bypassing the lengthy geological timelines.
  • Composition and Characteristics:

    • Natural Gemstones: Each natural gemstone is a masterpiece of nature, boasting a chemical composition and physical properties shaped by its geological origins. These gems bear the hallmarks of their natural formation, including impurities and inclusions that add to their allure and uniqueness.
    • Lab-Created Gemstones: While lab-created gemstones share the same chemical composition as their natural counterparts, they may lack certain imperfections found in nature. Produced under controlled conditions, they often exhibit exceptional clarity and color consistency, appealing to those seeking flawless beauty.
  • Cost and Accessibility:

    • Natural Gemstones: Rarity comes at a price, and natural gemstones command premium prices due to their scarcity and the labor-intensive process of extraction. From the depths of mines to the hands of artisans, their journey adds to their intrinsic value, making them cherished treasures.
    • Lab-Created Gemstones: In contrast, lab-created gemstones offer a more accessible alternative, providing stunning beauty at a fraction of the cost. Produced in abundance within laboratories, they offer affordability without compromising on quality, appealing to budget-conscious consumers.
  • Durability and Quality:

    • Natural Gemstones: With their organic origins, natural gemstones exhibit a spectrum of characteristics, ranging from flawless clarity to unique inclusions. While some may possess imperfections, they embody the raw beauty of nature and stand the test of time with their enduring charm.
    • Lab-Created Gemstones: Crafted under controlled conditions, lab-created gemstones often boast superior clarity and consistency, free from the imperfections found in natural gems. Their flawless appearance and durability make them a popular choice for those seeking perfection.

Choosing Your Perfect Loose Gemstone for Sale

  • Natural Gemstones: Nature’s Poetry in Motion
  • Each natural loose gemstone is a testament to the earth’s enduring legacy, crafted over millions of years through the alchemy of time and geological forces.
  • From the fiery depths of volcanic eruptions to the gentle erosion of riverbeds, natural gemstones bear the unmistakable imprint of their geological origins.
  • With a kaleidoscope of colors and captivating inclusions, natural gemstones exude a sense of authenticity and character that speaks to the soul.
  • Lab-Created Gemstones: Innovation Meets Imagination
  • In the realm of lab-created loose gemstones, science takes center stage as researchers harness the power of innovation to recreate nature’s splendor.
  • Through cutting-edge techniques such as hydrothermal growth and flux fusion, scientists produce gemstones of exceptional clarity and brilliance.
  • Lab-created gemstones offer a palette of possibilities, from flawless diamonds to vibrant rubies, all with the promise of consistency and quality.

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Custom Jewelry Manufacturers

Top Jewelry manufacturers and Jewelry suppliers in Mumbai

How to find jewelry suppliers and manufacturers in Mumbai for my jewelry Brand?

The Blog will let you know about solution to your jewelry problem of finding jewelry manufacturers for your brand.

There are certain important factors that you should keep in mind. The first and foremost thing is Where will I manufacture my jewelry? There are many manufacturing companies present globally but finding the best gold jewelry manufacturers for your custom jewelry designs can be difficult if you don’t know where to look or what to look out for in each manufacturing company. Gem Factory India, one of the finest & Best Gold jewelry manufacturers always ensures that its clients get the best quality of product.

 We manufacture Custom Gold jewellery in all purities of 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K, 9K , 925 Silver Jewelry and Brass Jewelry for our  Clients. Starting from all sizes of Anklet,Basic Chains, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Pendants, Rings, Clasps, other Findings to every luxury Piece which needs Gold. 

Identifying The Benefits Of Working With The Right Custom Jewelry Manufacturer

There are numerous benefits that come from working with the right fashion jewelry manufacturer or silver jewelry manufacturer. First and foremost, you can expect high-quality craftsmanship and materials. Secondly, you’ll be able to work with a team of experienced professionals who can help bring your vision to life. Third, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your jeweler is backed by a reputable company. Fourth, you’ll be able to take advantage of competitive pricing. Fifth, you’ll get free samples before committing to a larger order. And lastly, as long as you’re satisfied with the quality of what they produce, you will never have to worry about being left without inventory because your supplier went out of business.

Understanding What To Look For In A Quality Custom Jewelry Manufacturer

Not all fashion jewelry manufacturers are created equal. When you’re looking for a quality manufacturer to produce your custom jewelry designs, there are a few key things to look for: experience, expertise, and customer service. For example, when it comes to Gold Jewelry Manufacturers in India – Gem Factory India is one of the most trusted names. With over 25 years of manufacturing experience they have the expertise needed to manufacture any design you can dream up.

Understanding Why Goldsmiths Are Well-Suited For Manufacturing Custom Jewelry Pieces

We manufacture all types of jewelry items. We have a team of jewelry experts and designers who are constantly working to provide timely, quality and value-for-money products to our customers. We maintain strict quality control and ensure that our delivery is on time.

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Jewelry Manufacturers

Top 10 Jewelry Manufacturers and Companies in the Worldwide

Top custom Jewelry manufacturers in World

Many boutique storefronts and e-commerce businesses source ready-made jewelry from wholesale suppliers in the world. These retailers can source a broad range of products from online wholesalers and can cut costs by buying in bulk. Other businesses may prefer to partner with custom jewelry manufacturers that can help them to design and produce unique products.

This article will discuss the top jewelry suppliers worldwide, including both wholesale suppliers of standard products and custom manufacturers of unique pieces.

Top Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers in The World

Table 1 – Top Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers in The World

CompanyHeadquartersEst. Annual Revenue
Gem Factory IndiaJaipur, IndiaNA
Kole Imports, Inc.Carson, CANA
Zenzii WholesaleNorcross, GANA
Gem HeightsJaipur, IndiaNA
Wona TradingNew York, NYNA
JewelryMaxBrea, CANA
Godfather’s JewelryLas Vegas, NVNA
Fashion BellaLos Angeles, CANA
DDFL ImportMiami, FLNA
The Welman GroupBethesda, MDNA

Company Summaries

Gem Factory India is custom jewelry manufacturers of Gold, Silver and Brass and operates in USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal  and Ireland. The company manufactures standard jewelry pieces for wholesale purchase and is also discussed below as a supplier of custom pieces.

Kole Imports, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of imported items, including jewelry. The company operates a warehouse and showroom in Los Angeles and participates in trade shows throughout the U.S.A. Kole’s jewelry offerings include watches and children’s jewelry.

Zenzii Wholesale manufactures high-fashion jewelry for wholesale buyers. The company offers statement necklaces, pearl jewelry, and resin acrylic jewelry, including handmade products. Zenzii displays its products in its New York City, Atlanta, and Dallas showrooms.

Gem Heights is gems and jewelry manufacturing company in Jaipur, known as gems and jewelry hub for world.The company started as gemstone manufacturers and started jewelry manufacturing afterwards and operates in India, USA, UK , Germany , Italy and Spain.

Wona Trading, founded in 2004, offers wholesale and imported jewelry products. The company distributes statement, wedding, and children’s jewelry, as well as apparel and novelty products. Wona Trading operates a showroom in New York City and offers drop shipping services.

JewelryMax, an internet-based wholesaler, was founded in 2004. The company’s online selection includes jewelry and other products, such as scarves, gloves, hats, and hair accessories. JewelryMax offers domestic and overseas shipping, including drop shipping.

Godfather’s Jewelry has been in business since 1983, importing and distributing wholesale jewelry. The company offers pendants and charms, bracelets, dog tags, earrings, and other items. Godfather’s Jewelry also distributes display products, boxes, and bags.

Fashion Bella is based in Los Angeles’ fashion district and distributes its products to boutiques and other businesses. Founded in 1986, the company offers products decorated with pearls, gemstones, beads, rhinestones, and charms. Fashion Bella also distributes apparel and handbags.

DDFL Import is a wholesaler that supplies its products to domestic and international customers. In business since 2005, the company distributes jewelry, hair accessories, novelty products, and cosmetics. The company updates its website regularly when it restocks its products.

The Welman Group is an online-only wholesaler. The company distributes products made from sterling silver, stainless steel, scratched zinc, and other materials. In addition to jewelry, the Welman Group offers gift products such as bookmarks and golf ball marks.

Top Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in Worldwide

Table 2 below ranks custom jewelry manufacturers Worldwide. based on estimated annual revenue.

Table 2 – Top Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in Worldwide

CompanyHeadquartersEst. Annual Revenue
Gem Factory IndiaJaipur, IndiaNA
Au Enterprises, Inc.Berkley, MINA
Lee’s Manufacturing Co., Inc.Providence, RINA
3DM Jewelry Design StudioNew York, NYNA
Casting HouseChicago, ILNA
American Gemstone GroupLas Vegas, NVNA
Custom Fashion JewelsBurbank, CANA
Robert Bartholomew, Ltd.Port Washington, NYNA
MKM Jewelry, Inc.Los Angeles, CANA
Gem HeightsJaipur, IndiaNA

Company Summaries

Gem Factory India is leading custom jewelry manufacturers. The company ranks in top 10 jewelry manufacturers in world and operates in USA, UK, France, Italy, India, Spain.

Au Enterprises, Inc., in business since 1897, specializes in casting, CAD, and CAM services. The company works with precious and non-precious metals and ensures that its materials are environmentally friendly and conflict-free. Au Enterprises’ projects have included recreating historical pieces and retro jewelry for television shows.

Lee’s Manufacturing Co., Inc. creates custom jewelry for designers, retailers, e-commerce stores, and wholesalers. The company can develop custom, precious metal alloys for its customers. Lee’s Manufacturing also offers design, stone setting, plating, and fulfillment services.

3DM Jewelry Design Studio offers jewelry design and prototyping services for fine, fashion, and concept jewelry. The company is equipped with CAD design and 3D printing capabilities and also provides mentoring and training services to its customers. 3DM serves private designers, retail stores, and online sellers.

Casting House, founded in 1987, serves customers in the U.S. and abroad. The company offers a collection of private label jewelry pieces, which can be customized with different stone and accent options. Casting House also creates custom pieces using its CAD design, rapid prototyping, and metal casting capabilities. 

American Gemstone Group is a subsidiary of American Gemstone Authority, LLC. Based in Las Vegas, the company operates a jewelry factory in Bangkok, Thailand. American Gemstone Group works remotely with its customers to design jewelry pieces and offers a full range of fabrication services. 

Custom Fashion Jewels is a high-volume manufacturer of custom jewelry, including gold, silver, diamond, and brass pieces. The company handles all stages of the fabrication process, from design to casting and setting to finish. Headquartered in Burbank, Custom Fashion Jewels also runs a factory in China.

Robert Bartholomew, Ltd., in business since 1840, offers jewelry manufacturing services through its subsidiary, RB Jeweler Services. The company offers both private label and custom manufacturing services, with custom capabilities from metal casting and pearl stringing to finishing and engraving.

MKM Jewelry, Inc. offers custom jewelry made from precious and non-precious metals, including recycled and environmentally friendly materials. The company offers design, welding, casting, engraving, stone setting, and plating services. MKM Jewelry takes on small and large-volume projects.

Gem Heights company manufactures a wide range of jewelry items including Gold, silver and fashion jewelry. The company is popularly known as a trusted wholesale jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur.


This article summarized the top suppliers of jewelry is Worldwide based on estimated annual revenue. To discover more about these or other suppliers, visit the Gem Factory India  – B2B Wholesale Fashion Jewellery Online Market Platform, where you can buy wholesale Jewelry and Gemstone Jewelry based on your criteria.